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General terms and data protection  (privacy)

Seller of domains / Purchase prices

Any purchase of domains will be effected directly between the domain seller, Bergmann ADC (legal owner of all domains offered) and the buyer. All purchase prices are given in Euro and do not include VAT.

Purchase and transfer of domains / option of escrow service

The buyer sends to  office@industry-domains.com  an Email (= domain purchase order) giving the following information:

a. The domain(s) the buyer intends to buy
b. Name and address of the invoice receiver (private person or company name)

If the buyer is based in the EU, his VAT Reg No is required to issue a tax-free invoice, for non EU companies proof of company registration is required. Upon receipt we send an Email to the buyer with invoice attached as a confirmation of the purchase agreement. Immediately after receipt of payment we will start the change of ownership (transfer) procedure. The buyer will receive the support necessary for a speedy and legally correct change of ownership to him or to his company and to his selected registrar.

Escrow service

If the buyer prefers an escrow service, Bergmann ADC will execute the transfer via the global platform www.sedo.com / www.sedo.de (Sedo Transfer and Escrow Department). In this case, the buyer needs an account with sedo. If the purchase price is above 360 euros, Bergmann ADC will bear the full escrow fees. If the purchase price is below 360 euros, the buyer will bear a share of 25 euros.

Data protection (privacy) / liability exclusion clause / binding and free offers

All information provided by the buyer of domains will be treated in the strictest confidence and will be used exclusively for the purposes of a rapid and legally correct transfer of the bought domain(s). As to processing, storing and deletion of customer-related data we strictly observe data protection law in force.

With regard to advantages, opportunities or use options of domain names as indicated on various pages of this website, Bergmann ADC shows only options and possibilities (also dependent on website design, SEO etc) and gives by no means any concrete recommendations, promises or pledges. Bergmann ADC cannot be held responsible for any consequences resulting from the use of purchased domain names. It is assumed that buyers of domain names know that their providers or registrars will charge them monthly or yearly fees for the hosting of domain names.

When Bergmann ADC presents a binding offer to a potential buyer, Bergmann ADC is bound by this offer till the end of the granted period. The same goes for potential buyers making use of the option to have a domain blocked for up to 24 hours. When though Bergmann ADC presents a free offer (i.e. without exclusive right to buy within a certain period of time), the domain(s) offered are subject to prior sale. As all domains are publicly offerd for sale on our website, quite generally the principle "first come first served" is applied.

When the initiative comes from the potential buyer, the purchase agreement is achieved and confirmed by the buyer's domain purchase order (see above, point 2.) and the consequent Email with attached invoice on the part of Bergmann ADC.

Right of revocation, right to return, place of jurisdiction

According to the rules on distance contracts the buyer has neither the right of revocation nor the right to return, in so far as goods or services have/had been individually customised in line with the buyer's order and/or specifications. Such individually customised service exists especially with regard to the domain purchase order and the subsequent purchase of a domain name / of domain names on the part of the buyer.

Place of jurisdiction is for all buyers, regardless of their place of residence or habitual place of abode, Vienna, Austria. However, Bergmann ADC is entitled to make any claims at the buyer's place of jurisdiction.

Online Dispute Resolution of the EU

The internet platform as to "Online Dispute Resolution" (ODR) of the EU can be reached by the following link: