Strong industry domains at reasonable prices

Buy now  > three simple steps

Each purchase and transfer of domains will be effected in a simple and rapid manner:

1. Domain purchase order

The buyer sends to  an Email giving the following information:

  1. The domain(s) the buyer intends to buy *
  2. Name and address of the invoice receiver

The receiver of the invoice can be a private person or a firm / company. All domain purchase prices are given in Euro incl. 20% VAT. To issue a VAT-free invoice we need fom EU-based companies (outside Austria) the company's VAT Reg No, from non EU companies proof of company registration.

2. Confirmation

Upon receipt of the domain purchase order we send an Email to the buyer with invoice attached as a confirmation of the purchase agreement.

3. Transfer (change of ownership)

Immediately after receipt of payment we will start the change of ownership (transfer) procedure. The buyer will receive the necessary support for a speedy and legally correct change of ownership.

Option of escrow service

If the buyer prefers an escrow service, we will execute the transfer via the global platform / (Sedo Transfer and Escrow Department). In this case, the buyer needs an account with sedo and will bear the transfer fees. The buyer will be informed in advance about the amount of these fees.

*  If you need some time to calmly decide on the purchase of a domain, we can block it for you (free of charge) for 24 hours. This domain will then temporarely be suspended from sale. Please send an Email with your name, address, phone no. and desired domain(s).